Top 10 Multiplayer Games of 2018

Single player games are always great, but they don’t provide that enjoyable experience as compared to multiplayer games. Multiplayer games have been around for some time now, and there are wide varieties of these games you can choose from. Here we look at some of the best multiplayer games of 2018.

  1. Overwatch

Since the launch of Overwatch, it has amassed millions of players and has cemented itself as a bedrock of gaming culture. This game is the best as compared to most multiplayer games. It’s easy to pick up and the game provides a wide variety of game modes and a wide range of heroes; so, it’s obvious that you will find a few, which suits your play style.

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale

As the name suggests, the Fortnite Battle Royale fits so well into the battle royale genre. This game has set itself apart by trading traditional and bland military simulation with intense colors and free-form building system. The Fortnite Battle Royale is different from most competitive multiplayer games, and it’s also a fast-paced game.

  1. Destiny

First, Destiny popularized massively online first-person shooter game (MMOFPS format); the game offers an option of playing alone through the whole story, but it is more fun when you team up with two other players while undertaking the campaign missions, adventures, patrols, and public events across the game worlds.

  1. Stars Wars Battlefront II

The game offers a large-scale, war-shooter style. The players have a chance of playing their favorite Star Wars character or fly spacecraft. The Stars Wars Battlefront II involves five multiplayer games modes. The players can take on the role of Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance.

  1. Battlefield 1

You can play online with up to 64 people in a wide variety of modes. Just like Overwatch, there are different infantry categories to select. Furthermore, you can always customize your weapons and kit in order to suit your style.

  1. FIFA 18

FIFA 2018 is a candid improvement in the multiplayer gaming; it has an added attacking flair for strikers thus providing end-to-end action all the time. Furthermore, the graphics in cutscenes of favorite players adds fun.

  1. Injustice 2

Loaded with villains and DC superheroes, Injustice 2 is the best multiplayer fighting game. The game is well designed with stunning graphics and extraordinary animation sequence.

  1. Splatoon 2

The game offers different multiplayer gaming experience. Anyone can easily pick up the game, as it is simple and effective. Two teams throw paints everywhere on a map and the one with most coverage wins. You can either play online or on multiple consoles.

  1. Rocket League

Since the release of Rocket League three years ago, it has gotten better with features, additional updates, and new platforms. The rules of the game have never changed; two teams of cars drive faster around glossy and brightly colored arenas doing impressive tricks.

10. Quake Champions

For those with old-school sensibilities, Quake Champions is a go-to First Person Shooter. The game is not stacked in the past though as there are blend of lightning-fast movement and weaponry with modern favorites.

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