Microsoft Programs You Didn’t Know Existed

Microsoft Corporation was founded 43 years ago and since establishment has changed the world as we know it. It has had multiple forays into various inventive lines from software design to hardware. It is no wonder then, some programs have fallen into the cracks. Here are a few Microsoft programs you probably did not know ever existed;

Microsoft Entourage

This was an e-mail client application that also helped the end user manage personal data. It had some success before it was discontinued in 2008 after stiff competition from Apple software and others in the same line. It was replaced by Microsoft Outlook and ten years down the line, very few people remember it even existed.

Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money was a very early personal finance management program with a range of capabilities from being able to access online bank accounts to enabling automated transactions. It was developed in 1991 and taken out of the market in 2009. Its flaws were obvious, from vulnerability to cyber security threats to competition from far superior alternatives in the market. In its dying days, it was used as an economic data accumulator providing real-time stock rates, real estate prices, mortgage calculations, et cetera.

Microsoft Vizact

This application allowed various effects such as animations to be put into HTML+TIME interactive documents. It was widely unpopular and was scrapped in 2000. Although, it has been claimed to be the first ever document activation program.

Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft MapPoint can generously be called the precursor to today’s Google Maps. It allowed users to interact with gathered map data from actual on the ground data and hypotheses. Effectively creating an accurate rudimentary map of the areas, one was interested in. It was scrapped in 2014 due to competition from more effective alternatives.

With their long track record and history, Microsoft Corporation was bound to have had some forgettable programs!

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