Gaming Console Advancements to Expect in 2019

The world of gaming, just like other things in the technological sphere has witnessed tremendous improvement in the last 20 years. They say the best way to predict the future is by studying the trends today, ad some of the outstanding Gaming Console Advancements to Expect in 2019.

Virtual reality

The concept of virtual reality has been in the gaming world for a while, and there is an indication that the concept will shape the trends in the gaming industry in 2019. In 2018 and prior years the concept of VR enabled gamers to not only enjoy playing the game but also experience the moments in the game. According to Sony, one of the largest players in the gaming industry, in 2019, VR will introduce the concept of the horror genre in the industry. The creation of these new and improved games will enable gamers to not only follow the story in the game but to experience the setting in the game, the sounds the mood and the sounds. Another major advancement expected in gaming is an improvement of features to reduce the health effects of VR like drowsiness reported by gamers in 2018. The cost of running a VR game has been substantially high, and designing cost-effective games is expected to be a major focus in 2019.

Feel engineering

This concept is not new in the gaming world, but rather a concept that has been improved over time to improve the gamers experience in the industry. Feel engineering puts the feelings of the gamer first and begins by deciding what feelings the game should evoke in a gamer, then work backward to conceptualize the game. This concept is anticipated to introduce the world to the most responsive games of all time. According to Google, the future of online gaming is the emotional investment in the gamers, or simply put, developing a game t, and that invokes emotions in a gamer and the concept of feel engineering is meant to achieve that.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is expected to increase its user-base in 2019. As more people prefer to access their games via mobile devices, developers are expected to improve both accessibility and user experience of mobile games. Pioneers of mobile gaming like fortune casino are improve expected to not their user experience but also increase their prizes and offerings to encourage more gamers to use their mobile site. Along with mobile gaming, cloud gaming is expected to rule the world of gaming in 2019. Cloud gaming will enable developers to localize games in virtually every part of the world and in every language.

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