Database Corruption Causing Woes for Some Office 2011

In 2011 Mac Book released an upgrade for its office 2011. It had potential and many upgraded. It was meant dataanalyzers to address the function of the outlook in the Mac and office suite. Many people received the message on upgrading the office database.

We had many expectation with the release of the office 2011 this include the security and improved performance. After the praise many people experienced problem with the suite.

It always crashed when you opened it so basically you could not do anything with the office suite including excel, word and PowerPoint. Every time it crashed it always asked whether you wanted to recover your work. 

After a while of people complaining, the Microsoft acknowledged that there was a bit of a problem with the office suite 2011. They also gave option on how to get around it. This was through a blog. 

It later on went the extra mile and removed office 2011 for the Microsoft auto update, this was until they could resolve the database corruption.

They stated that their update were meant to be simple and one should have a good experience with the update and that is they removed it from the Microsoft auto update. 

This does not mean if you had office 2011, there was no other option. They gave options on how to go about it. They suggested if one had not yet upgraded they needed to rebuild their database before installing .

The upgrade which include: You first backup your current database, you can copy all your database to a Microsoft user data folder which is the document folder.

Open the outlook 2011 while holding the option key it will pop out a tab with Microsoft database utility. Select your identities then select rebuild. Then select the default identity.

If you have already installed the office 2011, then the next thing you do is open the Microsoft database utility, you can hold the option key as you are opening the outlook, or you can also open it from .

The application folder click on the Microsoft 2011, click on office then folder. There is a view tab that pops out and on it there is a plus sign click on it. It means you are adding a new identity. Make sure it is not your default identity.

Close the tab. Open the document folder, look for Microsoft user data and click on it then click on office 2011 identities folder. Open the folder you created click on database header, copy the folder, go back to the office 2011

Identities folder, open the main identity, data record directly and paste replacing the existing database header. Rebuild the data by opening the Microsoft database utility again, select your main identity and click on rebuild. The outlook database will work properly.

If the above steps does not work for you. It only means that the outlook database is more damaged than you thought. In such a scenario, you got to use the professional tool for example the phoenix OLM repair this will help repair your outlook and it will also database.